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Visalink specializes in assisting business professionals with their corporate needs and independent international travelers with their visa requirements before and upon arrival to Russia. Register and you would be able to apply online for a full range of Russian visa support services, including express single, double and multiple-entry business visas, one day tourist visa invitations, registration upon arrival in Moscow. You do not need to send us any documents. All necessary information is collected through our secure online form.

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Calculate how much is your Russian visa invitation or a registration in Moscow. We have created a fair pricing policy, there are no hidden charges or uncapped fees.


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Should I send any documents to you?

You do not need to send any documents to us. All necessary information is collected through our online order form. This makes the process much easier and faster for you. When you apply for the visa itself (after you have obtained a visa invitation), however, you will need to send your passport directly to the Russian embassy or Consulate.

Yes. The dates you specify is simply the time span during which you have to enter and leave Russia. You don't have to travel on these dates. The above said is applicable both for Russian business and tourist visas

Yes. The dates you specify is simply the time span during which you have to enter and leave Russia. You don't have to travel on these dates. The above said is applicable both for Russian business and tourist visas

Can I get two Russian visas at the same time?

No. In case you have been granted a Russian visa which is valid at the time you are submitting a new application to the Russian consulate, you will have to provide them with your passport where the relevant visa is stamped as the Russian consulate will need to cancel it.

Can I order a Russian visa for my friend and pay for your services with a credit card in my name?

Yes, you can. It is allowed to make orders not only for yourself but for your friends and colleagues too. 

Citizens of which countries don't need visa to go to Russia?

NOTE: We update this information as we get any news regarding the matter. 


Do I need to get visa invitation for children?

You must have a separate invitation for each person visiting Russia, including children.

Do I need to register my Russian visa?

From 2011 all Russian visas should be registered upon arrival in the Russian Federation within 7 business days after your arrival in the Russian Federation. If you stay less than 7 business days (exluding holidays and weekends) you do not need the registration.

How "the 90 days in each 180 days period" rule compliance is controlled?

Actually, the 90-days rule is enforced in Russian visa registration procedure only. Immigration officers at the Russian border control still do not count the real length of your stay in Russia. Thus some foreign nationals having Russian business visas and permanently living in Russia prefer to cross the Russian border with neighboring countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) and re-enter in a one or a few days.

How can foreign citizen get married in Russia? What type of visa needed to enter Russia for marriage?

There are no restrictions in the Russian legislation on marriage for foreign and Russian citizens.

Meanwhile, Russian law recognizes a monogamous marriages only. Thus, it is required to provide a proof that foreign citizen are not married, if they are to marry in Russia. Typically, it can be a letter from the relevant embassy or consulate in Russia.

Theoretically, a foreign national can marry Russian on the basis of any type of visa. But you should be ready that Russian formalities usualy take at least one month.

How much is the total cost of a Russian visa?

Please note that the total cost of obtainig a Russian visa generally to be made up from the following:

  1. Price of Russian visa invitation (for business or tourist visa, provided by Visalink)
  2. Russian Consulate fee (check at the local Russian Consulate website)
  3. Russian Visa centre fee (if applicable)
  4. Delivery fees (if applicable)
  5. Credit card surcharges (if applicable)