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Visalink specializes in assisting business professionals with their corporate needs and independent international travelers with their visa requirements before and upon arrival to Russia. Register and you would be able to apply online for a full range of Russian visa support services, including express single, double and multiple-entry business visas, one day tourist visa invitations, registration upon arrival in Moscow. You do not need to send us any documents. All necessary information is collected through our secure online form.

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Russian visa registration. Visa requirements. Visalink services

Russian visa registration is a very important official proceeding for your happy and hassle-free stay in Russia. Each Russian visa must be registered within 7 business days from the date of your arrival in the Russian Federation (except holidays and week-ends). 

Please note that Russian migration card which you should fill in before the Russian border control can not replace the Russian visa registration. The visa registration in Russia is a special separate procedure of notification about the place of your stay (an exact address) on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Officially visa registration in Russia is obligation of inviting or host party. All Russian visa registration procedures should be carried out by the host party.

Practically Visalink recommends to control this proceeding yourself, because in case of violation of the rule of visa registration in Russia you may be easily fined.

To register your Russia visa the host party should fill in a special form of notification and in the course of 24 hours present it along with copies of your passport (showing your visa to Russia) and Russian migration card to the Russian immigration office or sends them by post. The Russian immigration office or Russian mail service office which have received from the host party the completed notification along with the above-mentioned copies put down a mark of reception in the notification and return the detachable part of the notification to the host party. No more official procedures is required to register visa in Russia.

Please remember, that only evidence of the proper Russian visa registration is the detachable part of the notification with the mark of Russian immigration authorities or Russian post office. VIsalink recommends always to keep this paper with you to confirm that your visa to Russiaa was duly registered.

If a foreign national visits another part of Russia for more than 7 business days he or she has to register Russian visa once again in that destination and re-register visa once again on his/her return to the initial destination.

The Russian visa registration rule also applies to multiple entry Russian visa holders who leave Russia for more than three business days.

Simply speaking, you have to register your Russian visa every time, when you cross Russian border and get new Russian Migration card. 

If you are holder of long-term multi-entry Russian business visa or you are going to order Russian business visa invitation please note that Russian visa (in particular Russian business visa) can be registered maximum for 90 days. In general the term of Russian visa registration can not exceed 3 months after the date of your arrival in Russia (this date is stamped on both your Russian migration card and in your passport at the Russian border control) and/or the expiration date of your valid Russian visa. That restriction in Russian visa registration process corresponds to the general restriction on lenght of stay in Russia for holders of Russian business visas. 

Every registered Russian visa should be also un-registred in the same order This process is also called Russian visa de-registration. Before departure the foreign national should give the detachable part of the notification to the host party who submit it in person or post it to the Russian immigration authorities. Thus must be done by the host party within two working days since the departure of the foreign national with a previously registered Russian visa.

Visalink recommends every Russian visa holder to keep the copy of your part of notification till the departure border control to prevent unexpected questions from the Russian immigration officers and not to be fined for no reason.

Violation of rules of Russian visa registration can entail administrative responsibility of a foreign citizen in the form a penalty, in certain cases accompanied with expulsion from the territory of the Russian Federation. The foreign citizen who has been administratively expelled can be further banned from entering to the Russian Federation for the period of up to five years.

Remember that copies of the passport, Russian visa, Russian migration card and detachable part of the notification, in case of their loss or any other unforeseen circumstances, would help to confirm that the foreign national in fact has the documents and observes the rules of Russian visa registration.

Visalink offers Russian visa online registration support for all foreign nationals visiting Russia irrespective of nationality, types of Russian visas received etc.

Visalink can register your Russian visa upon arrival in Russia, regardless of whether or not your Russian visa letter of invitation, telex or Russian tourist visa invitation were arranged by Visalink, or by another agency.

For ease, Visalink invites you to complete the Russian visa registration process online to avoid visiting our office in person.

Registration support

If you require our assistance in registering your Russian visa upon arrival, we will need:

  1. on-line completed application for Russia visa registration support (please register on our website first)
  2. a copy of the important information pages of your passport (showing your name, birth date, passport number, and expiry date)
  3. a copy of the prolongation page of your passport (if applicable)
  4. a copy of your valid Russian visa
  5. a copy of your Russian migration card

Once we have received all your documents, it will usually take 1-2 business days for us to register your visa to Russia.

Your completed Russian visa registration can be sent to you via e-mail or fax upon completion. 

How to get Russian visa registration

All Russian visas must be registered upon arrival in the Russian Federation within 7 business days of your arrival in the Russian Federation.
When you arrive in Russia please ensure that your Russian visa and Migration card are stamped at the border. This stamp is important for Russian visa registration purposes.

If you are stay in hotel, your Russian visa will be registered by an administrator for the dates of your stay.

If you are not staying in hotel accommodation Visalink will provide you with this registration.  

IMPORTANT: The registration period of your Russian visa can not exceed 3 months after the date of your arrival in Russia (this date is stamped on both your migration card and in your passport at the border) and/or the expiration date of your valid Russian visa.