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Visalink specializes in assisting business professionals with their corporate needs and independent international travelers with their visa requirements before and upon arrival to Russia. Register and you would be able to apply online for a full range of Russian visa support services, including express single, double and multiple-entry business visas, one day tourist visa invitations, registration upon arrival in Moscow. You do not need to send us any documents. All necessary information is collected through our secure online form.

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General information regarding the Russian visas issuance policy for citizens of non-EU member states countries


Documents for a visa should be submitted to the Consular Section personally, through some other person or a visa or travel agency.

Visa applications cannot be accepted if a passport-holder is not present in the country where the application is submitted.

Visa processing starts only after you have submitted to the Consular section all the documents required. We do not accept any documents, which have been sent to the Consular section by fax or by post.

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain a visa regardless of its category:

1.1. Fully completed visa application form. An application form should be signed and dated by the Applicant personally. Please note that you are to answer ALL the questions in the visa application form in Russian or English in block letters. Incomplete application forms would not been accepted. Any corrections in the application forms would not been accepted. You can be asked to submit all necessary documents to substantiate information given in the application form.

Georgia, Great Britain and US citizens are required to fill in a special form.

1.2. Valid national passport (original only and it should have at least two blank pages). It must be valid not less than six months after the expiry date of the visa.

IMPORTANT! Any damage of any page of the Applicant’s passport (especially of the page with a photograph) will result in the rejection of a visa application.

1.3. One recent passport-sized photograph (35 x 45mm) of an Applicant, stapled to the upper right corner of an application form. The photograph must be:

a) of true likeness and not more than 6 months old; showing full face;

b) taken without headgear, head coverings and hats;

c) taken against a plain, evenly lit light background.

Photographs that do not meet these requirements won’t be accepted.

1.4. Travel insurance valid in Russia containing Applicant’s name and the period of validity.

Please note that the validity period should cover the whole planned trip to Russia. For multiple-entry visas the validity period of the insurance should cover not less than 90 days of staying in Russia during the period of first 180 days of the validity of the visa.

A one-entry and double-entry visa can’t exceed 90 days of staying in Russia. A person can apply for one-entry visas frequently, one after another, but the total period of staying in Russia can’t exceed 90 days per period of 180 days.

A multiple-entry visa can be issued for the period of maximum of 1 year.

ATTENTION!Visa applications sent by post ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Delivery through tourist agencies/courier services in Oslo is recommended. The courier must deliver the documents in the appropriate window and get a receipt and a number note which will be asked for when collecting the visa.

THE CONSULATE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any mistakes in the visas which were not brought to its attention prior to departure to Russia.

Please note that you must fill in a migration card for presentation at the boarder control in the Russian Federation. Migration cards are distributed by the carriers (Aeroflot, BA, Lufthansa, SAS, Alitalia, Finnair etc.) or you can get them in the boarder control area.


To apply for a tourist visa an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

2.1. Completed visa application, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see points 1.1-1.4 of the General Information);

2.2. Standard tourist confirmation (visa support letter) from an authorized hosting Russian travel agency, registered by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The confirmation must contain a full name of an Applicant, the date of his birth, a passport number, the dates of entry/departure, the itinerary, the agency's reference and registration number, the official seal and the signature of an authorized person.

Hotel reservation alone is not valid for obtaining a tourist visa. The hotel should be fully prepaid for the whole period of stay in Russia before applying for visa.

2.3. Tourist voucher issued by an authorized travel agency, indicating a full name of an Applicant, the date of his birth, a passport number, the dates of entry and departure, the name of the hosting Russian tourist company and confirming the full payment for the accommodation in Russia.

Fax copies of the documents, mentioned in the points 2.2 and 2.3 can be accepted. A Consular officer has the right to ask you to provide all the visa support documents in the original including the tickets to all the places of your destination, as well as the return tickets, and to submit a receipt from your tourist company showing the exact sum of money paid for the trip and accommodation.

IMPORTANT! Tourist visa can be issued for no longer than 30 days. When entering Russia with a tourist visa, you may be asked at the border checkpoint to present also your tourist confirmation, the voucher and a return ticket with a fixed date of departure from Russia. You also may have to prove that you have sufficient funds for your travel.

WARNING! There are several web-sites in the internet which offer to buy “invitations” to the Russian Federation, both tourist and business. Be informed, that according to the Russian legislation selling and purchasing of such documents via Internet is illegal, “invitations” obtained via Internet can not be the reason to get the Russian visa and won’t be accepted by the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Due to frequent mistakes we recommend to be very careful and check thoroughly that all the information in the invitation is correct. By giving wrong or false information in your visa application documents you run the risk of sanctions including entry restrictions to the Russian Federation.


To apply for a business, private, study, work as well as for multiple entry visa an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

3.1. Completed visa application, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see points 1.1-1.4 of the General Information);

3.2. Letter of invitation issued by the MFA or by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. A person or organization inviting you to visit Russia applies for an invitation to the Local Office of the Federal Migration Service. Then the invitation should be sent directly to an applicant.

Private, business and study invitations must be in original as well as multi-entry one.

ATTENTION!For a visa for a stay in Russia longer than 3 months, for a study or work visa a negative HIV-test in original is required. The test must inhold information of the patient, original signature of the doctor and stamp of the medical office. The test must not be older than 3 months.


If a person wish to travel through a Russian territory to another country he needs a transit visa. To apply for a transit visa an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

4.1. Completed visa application, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see points 1.1-1.4 of the General Information);

4.2. A valid visa for the country you intend to enter after crossing the Russian territory;

4.3. The original and a copy of your confirmed air ticket to and from Russia (not the confirmation of booking).

Please note that a transit visa is not required if you remain in the transit zone of the airport in order to catch an onward or connecting flight within 24 hours of arrival. Transit visa is normally valid for maximum of 3 days.

IMPORTANT! Consular section can issue a transit visa only in case if a person don’t have a possibility to travel directly from the country of his origin to the country of destination.