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Visalink specializes in assisting business professionals with their corporate needs and independent international travelers with their visa requirements before and upon arrival to Russia. Register and you would be able to apply online for a full range of Russian visa support services, including express single, double and multiple-entry business visas, one day tourist visa invitations, registration upon arrival in Moscow. You do not need to send us any documents. All necessary information is collected through our secure online form.

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Russian Visa fees for US citizen

According to the official announcement of the Russian Consulate in New York, US (valid for February 1st, 2010) Russian visa processing fees for US citizen are:

Single Entry or Double Entry Russian Visa:

$131 - from four to twenty business days(*)

$250 - up to three business days(*)

Multiple Entry Russian Visa:

$150 - from four to twenty business days(*)

$450 - up to three business days(*)

(*)The day of submission/delivery is NOT INCLUDED in processing time.
(*)Starting May till September due to the increasing workload of applications visas are issued in respect of the longest limit of processing time.

On 1st June 2007 the Russia–EU Visa facilitation agreement came into force and according to its provisions Russian visa processing fees are changed for the citizens of the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia.

The fees introduced are:

For all types of Russian visa (including multiple entry) for 10 days processing — $50

For all types of Russian visa (including multiple entry) for urgent (1-3 days) processing — $100

However these provisions are not valid for the countries which did not sign the Agreement: the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, as well as Iceland and Norway which are not EU member states and did not sign the Agreement with Russia.


Russian Visa Processing Fee is not Refundable.